I'm Obsessed -- Coconut Greek Yogurt


Hi again, blog friends!

It is Thursday, which means that blessed, blessed thing known as the weekend is not too far off.  I like!

This week is oh-so-slightly insane in my world (which, when has it not been this month?), but I wanted to pop by here and share something that I have been obsessed with.  Namely: coconut flavored greek yogurt

I am a longtime fan of Greek yogurt--it all started with Faje single serving Greek yogurt with honey from the Fremont PCC when I still lived in Seattle.  It was then super exciting when the regular grocery store started selling it at regular grocery store price, and just as joyful when Greek yogurt finally made it to Norway after my being here for some three-odd years (bonus! Even the Faje yogurt with the honey made it here! Although at 50kr/$6ish a pop, I don't tend go for it too often).

And then the heavens opened and said: "ahhhhhh!"

Now that Greek yogurt is officially "a thing" in Norway, they have started selling all different varieties and flavors, something I have not one single complaint about.  On a recent grocery run, I happened upon this coconut flavored concoction.  My immediate reaction went something like this: Greek yogurt? Good! Coconut? Gooood! And into my basket it went.

And good it was! I have been obsessed with coconut greek yogurt alone, coconut greek yogurt in my smoothie, coconut greek yogurt with some chocolate protein powder and oats, coconut greek yogurt with fruit, etc etc.  Just not in coffee--I tried that on a whim last week, and it tasted like tears and regret. Do not try that. But all the other combinations? Completely fantastic!

Oh--and this stuff is super healthy!  At only about 46 calories per serving with tons of protein and good fat, I call it a win!

So, now that I have waxed poetic on my love of Greek yogurt for a bit, I am off to complete the rest of the day's tasks.  I am swamped with (and have lecture in) all of my classes this week, work almost every single night, mountains of laundry to do after my broken pipe in my bathroom was fixed yesterday, and because I hate myself, I have also taken it upon myself to learn Photoshop this week.  So yeah, I've got my hands full.  In a mostly fun way. I think. 

But on that note, I will get back to it! I will check back in here again soon!

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