Monday Motivation - Week 36

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Random aside: anyone else in BlogLand totally unenthused with Pinterest lately? It is like MLM-style "MAKE YOUR BLOG THE BEST" pins which lead to a blog post full of adlinks for Blue Host.  Not so inspiring. Maybe Pinterest and Mood Boards are O.V.E.R and I am just an old lady who hasn't picked up on it yet. But I digress.

Happy Monday!!

Another new week is upon us! And, as promised, I am back with a fresh week of Monday Motivation--albeit a bit late on this Monday, but better late than never, I say!

Today has been somewhat of a hectic day--I went to the gym a bit before 7 am to do my weight circuit, and then ran off to my Strategy lecture.  After that, it was home again where I had to make some phone calls and get started on some reading I am a bit behind on.  Needless to say, at about 18:00 I was wiped. the eff. out. and passed out on my couch for about an hour. The Monday struggle is real.

So far, I have actually stuck to my goals of getting back on a good track with both my fitness and diet (not a diet, but lifestyle habit, just for clarity) routines.  I'm hoping I can stick to it!!  As I have been setting personal, health, and financial goals for the new school year, however, one thing has been sticking out to me the most.  Namely, that I feel like I have a lot of emotional cleaning up to do in my life.

"Emotional cleaning up." What exactly does that mean?

I am not sure if it is due to the relatively emotionally taxing spring I had, or the fact that I am rapidly approaching 30 (that feels so weird to type out, by the way), but my return to the routine has found me eager to rid my life of things that do not bring me joy.  Call it Kondo-ing my life, if you will.

These "joyless things" can include just about anything: clutter in the living room, spending too much time on my phone, focusing more on pleasing others than taking care of myself, wanting to focus on becoming my best self rather than trying to find a mate, or re-evaluating personal connections that no longer serve me or bring me more stress and sadness than happiness.

As I "get older" "grow up" (I think "grow up" sounds better, so let's go with that), I am finding myself feeling less inclined to tolerate treatment from others that seems to indicate a lack of respect me or what I stand for.  What's the point, right?  It is so easy to let those things slide just to keep the peace, when in reality it just drains the individual of his or her positive energy force.

A great deal of this can also include societal pressures--such as the pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way--as well as pressures within one's industry or community.  One thing I have dealt with throughout my life is getting put into some kind of one-dimensional box by those around me:  "She likes fashion. She must be shallow and not very smart." "She does well in school; she must be a nerd."  I am more than positive that I am not the only one who has experienced this phenomenon.  And really, it's crap.  Just be yourself.  Who gives a sh*t what someone who can't be bothered to know the real you thinks?

(That advice is just as much if not more to myself than anyone who might read this, by the by).

With all that said, I want to change the direction of this post back to focusing on the positive--the things that bring me joy!

And what are those?

Kicking ass during my morning workout.
My morning beauty routine-superficial zen.
A good breakfast and a good cup of coffee.
Traveling and exploring new places.
Quality time spent with friends lifting each other up and encouraging one another to be our best selves.
Reading a good book.
Learning about something new.
Practicing my French.
Finally mastering a difficult concept in one of my finance classes.
Taking a deep dive into industry speak (not so relevant now that I don't work in an office, but 2018, I'm coming for you!)
A good night's sleep.
Time with family.
Cuddling my dogs.
Cooking a new or a favorite old recipe.
Dinner and wine in good company.
The beach (I'm looking at you, Malibu).

And lots more! While I want to stay motivated to kick ass in my studies and in my fitness program, I also want to focus on these joyful things.   Because health and happiness are the key to living one's best life.

Woah.  That got really cheesy for a minute to be coming from me.  But it's all true!

What joyful things keep you motivated to reach your goals?


  1. You know what. You're the best in the world. You're the best you there ever was! Nobody else can master the task of being just you, the way you do!
    One of my life mottos is "things can always be better"! That includes one self. And I don't mean that one has to change. But we can always become better. Being the best self, can be minor alterations in life, in relationship with others, in the community and what ever. If I'm not happy with certain aspects of my life, I see there's need for a change. For me that can be getting up five minutes earlier just to grab that coffee and releasing my self from running to that effin' bus each morning. Just a simple smile to greet people you don't know. A great band once said "all the small things", and I think they were right.


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