Monday Motivation - Week 37

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Hello and welcome!!

Another new week is somehow upon us. And we are essentially now halfway through September and well into my favorite time of the year--fall!

Last week was a bit of Murphy's Law in action, so it feels quite nice to be starting a fresh, new Monday.  While I still am awaiting news on the state of my MacBook Air, it has gone surprisingly well using my old MacBook from 2008.  It is a bit slow (sometimes it takes a few minutes to erase something I have typed or to close a tab in my browser, for example), but for some reason I really enjoy using it.  Particularly as it relates to typing--there is something about the keyboard that feels so much more comfortable.  It could be the fact that I typed on this keyboard for the better part of 7 years, the weight of this machine versus the other one, or simply the fact that it has a U.S. keyboard instead of a Norwegian one.  Who knows!

After settling down from the somewhat topsy-turviness of last week, I got to thinking about a conversation I had with the gal who was doing my nails in LA.  Her salon was relatively new, and as someone with a fair amount of experience in customer service (and I am a nosy little mofo, let's get real), I was interested to know what her customers were like.  She said something that I thought was really interesting:

"Oh, we have great people coming here.  We manifested a really amazing customer base."

"Manifested."  For a lot of people (myself included), this word can come across as a bit of twee, woo-woo silliness.  But in exactly this context, it made a lot of sense.  They wanted only kind customers in their space, so the envisioned their business with that market as their only alternative.  And it worked!  Whether it was some kind of cosmic vibe set in motion by their intention, or perhaps just a lack of willingness to put up with anything other than politeness in their salon, these ladies managed to manifest their ideal client base.

Reflecting both on the week that was and my goals for the weeks and months ahead, I was reminded of this conversation and the idea of "manifesting."  I have spent a lot of time in my life worrying about the "what ifs" in life.  In some cases, whatever I fear never happens, so I will have wasted a lot of energy worrying about nothing.  But in a lot of other cases, the exact thing I was so fearful of turned out to be exactly what happens.  It certainly makes me wonder:  does the way we frame our thoughts about the future effect our outcome?  Can we change the course of fate with just our intent?

I am a big believer in vibes, energy, and all of that fun stuff.  So it is easy for me to answer a resounding YES to both of those questions. However, I also have the little rational devil on my shoulder that argues that it is not necessarily the outcome that this mode of thinking can change, but rather, the way we respond to whatever curveballs life throws our way.  Do we see them as challenges, or opportunities, for example?

Further, the actual "manifestation" process--visualizing a desired outcome before it happens--can set the narrative for goal fulfillment in one's mind.  If there is no alternative but to accomplish this goal, perhaps the individual will be more motivated to take the necessary steps to do so.  I know that this is definitely true for me: I am more likely to accept challenges that I think I can do well with, rather than those I don't have a guaranteed win in.

But what if we just decided that there was no alternative but to succeed in the challenges that may not be a guaranteed win?  Do or do not, there is no try.

I'm applying this mode of thinking to all of my current goals: I will develop a long-term healthy lifestyle; I will do well on all of my exams; I will find a decent starting job in my field.  It can't hurt, right?

On that note, I am off to manifest myself a productive rest of my Monday.

What goals are you manifesting this week?


  1. Hope you have a good Monday. I've planed my week long goals out in my planner. They're not very exciting, just the standard stuff.

  2. Ah yes, the planner! It sure does help to get the week planned out in writing - better have all the to-items written down than running around in your head :P

    Have a good week!


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