Monday Motivation -- Week 38

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Believe it or not, Monday is upon is once again!  Which means it is time for another installment of Monday Motivation here on the blog.

I, for one, really enjoy writing these posts.  What started out as a bit of a way to light a fire under my a** to get to the gym more and stay on top of my to-do list has evolved into a weekly reflections column of sorts.  I like it!

Last week, I delved into some manifestation woo-ness in an effort to inject my everyday mentality (and maybe even yours, too!) with a bit of positivity.  Since then, I have thinking a lot about the impact of our thoughts and feelings about the future on our outcome.

I'm not exactly shy about the fact that I can be somewhat of a sarcastic asshole, and that I tend to eschew anything I deem to be cheesy or too twee/cutesy/whatever.  I can't help it -- it's just who I am.  Perhaps this personality trait is a bit antithetical to being a lifestyle/fashion/Ilikeprettythings blogger, but that's another conversation for another Monday.

However, exactly this way of thinking--that one can "manifest" positive outcomes by not only believing that they can happen, but seeing them in one's mind before they even take place--really resonates with me.  This past week, I have been practicing my positive thinking skills.  I tend to get into these funks where I get really down on myself for having not fulfilled various goals I've set for myself.  In this instance, I was unhappy with myself for not being where I would like to be career and fitness/health-wise.  Prior to actively thinking about all this manifestation stuff, I probably would have just wallowed in these negative feelings and let myself be all cranky until they subsided.

Not this past week, however.  When I felt those self-critical thoughts creeping in, I stopped myself.  Instead of exploring them further, I said "wait a minute.  No!  I will reach the career goal I have set.  There is no other option. I am going to do everything in my power to make it happen, and then I will see what opportunities present themselves.  There will be opportunities, and I will choose the best one."

Did this thought pattern actually do anything to help me reach my goal?  Not directly.  However, it did bolster my motivation, which translated to an extremely effective week on the school front, which in turn connects to my short term goal of doing as well as possible in my study program.

So how am I letting this motivate me for the new week? Well, now that I see that this way of thinking gives me way more of a kick in the butt to get things done than beating myself up does, I am going to keep it up.  Further, I have noticed an almost 180-degree change in my energy level, concentration, and mood since sticking to a set training routine, cleaning up my diet, and being pickier about what I use my energy on.  If that's not motivating, I don't know what is!

I talk a lot about my feelings on rapidly approaching 30 (It still feels really strange to type that, but I am a big believer in living in truth, so I am going to keep typing it because it's reality and I need to get used to it. ha!).  Adjusting my way of thinking is a huge part of working through these feelings.  In many ways, it feels like my emotional, social, and academic/professional lives are reaching some kind of a full-circle destination wherein so many things that have previously been big question marks for me are becoming crystal clear.

As a result, I am finding myself less interested in wasting time and energy on negativity (particularly if it comes from myself, but even more so if it comes from others), and making peace with the aspects of my personality I (and perhaps others) have previously viewed as defects.  While the societal implications of turning 30 can be a bit scary (especially for someone like me who falls very short of ticking all the "Stuff to Accomplish Before 30" boxes), I am finding that this milestone is more of a coming into one's own and moving forward in life with a higher degree of confidence than ever before than some sort of proverbial life accomplishment checklist.

In non-professorial, normal-people speak: If bringing all of my dreams into fruition had to wait 30 years until I could do it with both full faith in myself, I am 110% OK with it.

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