Monday Motivation: Week 39

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Hello again!

Monday is rapidly drawing to a close, but the week has barely begun!  The last few weeks of Monday Motivation have gotten a bit cerebral.  Which, don't get me wrong: I love taking any chance I can get to be all deep and analytical, whether it be in day to day life or here on the blog.  However, after all that brooding and some of the heavy stuff that transpired last week, I am feeling inclined to keep things a bit lighter on this week's MM post.

A lighter mood could not come at a better time, if you ask me--this week in particular is going to be SWAMPED.  I have a test in my financial management course tomorrow, as well as two full days in my project management course at the end of the week.  All while working three of the next four evenings and during the day on Saturday.  So, I am in need of some energy to get me amped!

To get myself motivated, I am setting some clear yet do-able goals for Week 39:
*Get back into my training routine after last week's halfway sickness--at least three sessions need to happen!
*Get caught up on all coursework--this is almost done, so I am not too worried!
*Make sure to keep eating a healthy diet so my energy level stays where it should be for those evening shifts.

While these goals are seemingly simple, I feel like their fulfilment is going to be essential in helping me make the most out of this week. I think I can do it!

What are your goals for this week?

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