Stuff I Like - Easy Rainy Day Hair

Post alternatively titled: "I Put My Hair Up In Da Clip, When I Clip You Clip We Clip"
Yes. I am so punny.  

Hello and Happy Friday!

I have a new jam.  And no, it is not my own personal version of "Da Dip."  It is this awesome butterfly-style clip I found at H&M the other day. 

Much like my '90s song reference at the beginning of this post, this look is a throwback to the '90s.  In fact, I did my hair like this in the '90s and into the early 2000's--albeit in clips of a much more '90's-tastic design of butterfly, chartreuse, and glitter.   But the concept remains the same with this updated version of that '90s favorite, the butterfly clip.

I loved doing my hair like this because it was such an effortless style that looked somewhat like I tried, even though I really didn't.  I was stoked to see these 2017 Butterfly Clips for the same reason.  I can never get a messy bun to work (that meme featuring a certain character from Roald Dahl's Matilda comes to mind), so I relish the opportunity to have a not-trying-but-trying hairstyle that I can wear, too. Because let's get real--is there really any point to fully styling your hair when it's rainy and humid out? I think not.  Even better--the clips are a steal at only 40 NOK (about $5) a piece!

Now, if only they would bring back those hair chopsticks from the early 2000's....

(Quick note on the photos in this post:  I know they aren't the best quality.  I am having some issues with the photo editing software on the old computer. Thankfully, this is the last post on the old Mac, so the issue should be resolved very soon!)

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