Upside Down Weekend

It is Saturday, and even a working weekend calls for some wine!

Hello and Happy Saturday!

It has been a very weird and mildly annoying week in my world--the water leak in my bathroom that was supposed to be fixed is still a thing after the plumber received the wrong part from his vendor, and yesterday the 2 and W on my MacBook keyboard decided they were done. No big deal, computer is under warranty and I still have my old laptop. Nope! I came home and found my old laptop right away, but the charging cord? No clue where I packed that away.

*UPDATE! After some digging in my storage unit, the cord to my old computer has been located! HALLELUJAH! It may not be as fast or lightweight as my MacBook Air, but gosh darn it, it is a computer. And a computer is better than no computer at all!

Bleh! I don't know about you guys, but I hate feeling like all of my things are not in proper working order, or like I have to use a work-around to do essential everyday activities like take a shower.

I am obsessed with avocado spread on crisp breads. So tasty! And healthy, too!

Anyhow! I am trying not to let these small inconveniences (seriously, if these are my biggest problems, then I am pretty dang lucky in the grand scheme of things) get me down. Even if I really HATE blogging and doing schoolwork from my phone. Seriously--those of you who do work from your mobile: how do you do it?!

After a few busy weeks on the work, school, and social front, I am taking this weekend to just relax, get caught up on reading, and make some headway on a group project. All while taking time to enjoy some good food and good wine, because it's not the weekend without those!  And now that I have (thankfully!) found that dang computer chord, I can finally get underway!

Enjoy your weekend!
I will check in again soon!

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