What I'm Wearing (Or Want to Wear) in September

This post contains adlinks.

Some of these items are dupes of/similar to pieces I already own--others are wishlist items or upgrades of existing pieces currently residing in my closet.

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It is no secret that fall is my favorite season, and I fully embrace the return of sweater weather and Boot Season.

To celebrate the return of this momentous occasion, I have been perusing my closet and bringing out my favorite seasonal pieces. Surprise surprise--I am going for lots of black, leather, and neutrals.  This color palette can of course get a bit boring.  To counter the potential dark/blandness of all black and leather everything, I am adding fresh pops of color (like my re-discovered blue flats).  Further, I love adding a flash of gold to a white or black v-neck t shirt for a bit of autumn sparkle.

I like to accessorize with coats, bags, or scarves in interesting colors or patterns to add extra visual interest to my everyday neutrals.  This season, I am loving all shades of khaki, mustard yellow, and jewel tones. If you're on a budget like I am, I highly recommend finding small accessories on sale and using them to mix up your wardrobe.   For example: I still wear my favorite leopard scarf that I found at Bik Bok for like 50kr all fall and winter long!

Just talking about fall style makes me excited to get dressed in the morning, ha!

What pieces are you excited to wear this fall?

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