When The Days Melt Into One

Hello again, and Happy Sunday!

Somehow, some way, the days happening between Thursday and today have managed to melt together into one long day.  This phenomenon has left me with a feeling of "what just happened?!," coupled with the desire to not leave my couch for any reason that is not 110% necessary to general survival.  OK, that sounds a bit dramatic, but it has definitely been busy.  The fact that I was hit with a wall of feverish symptoms at about 16:00 yesterday has something to say for my lack of energy, as well (it was no joke spending the last hours at work trying not to pass out).

Luckily, today is Sunday, a day where it is universally accepted to be as lazy as one wants.  Can I get an a-men?  I am hoping that my complete useless-ness today will allow me to charge up my batteries for this week, because there is a lot to be done on the school front.  I also have a lot of fresh ideas and plans for blogging, and would really like to channel those into reality rather than just a pretty list sitting on my desk as has been the status quo.

Before I get on with my lazy Sunday, I thought I would share what has basically been my go-to look this week.  Namely, these tie-waist pants from Nelly that I am obsessed with.  I love them because they are super comfy (seriously, it feels like wearing sweatpants but they look dressy so I can be lazy while looking like I made an effort. ha!), cute, and were reasonably priced. I have been pairing them with a simple top (like one of my many v-neck t-shirts) and either a fun pair of flats or my flatform sneakers.  Super easy, yet still looks polished and put together.  It's really been a winning combination during these busy days!

Anyhow!  Time to get back to today's plan of doing a whole lot of nothing.

Hope you all are having a nice, relaxing Sunday! I will check back in here tomorrow!

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