5 Things I'm Looking Forward to in October

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Hello again!

You guys, it is October.  Like, for real--not only is it October, it is already the third of October.  When the eff did this happen?!

I, for one, have zero complaints about the sudden arrival of October.  It is one of my favorite months, and not just because it contains my birthday (although that certainly doesn't hurt).  October is the first full month of autumn, which, as I have not been shy about on this blog, is my favorite season.  Therefore, I am in a bit of a celebration mood here.

I had planned on taking my celebratory mood outside to get some photos of pretty fall leaves for this post, but Mother Nature had other plans.  It has been dumping buckets of rain for the past several days, so instead of a montage of boot + leaf pics, you will guys will have to enjoy some snaps from this month's Costume, my pretty journal, and my favorite fall nail polish (Chanel Rouge Noir, which much to my chagrin apparently no longer exists in nail polish form).

I can still eek out some Rouge Noir, but it is probably time to accept that the bottle now serves a purely decorative function after four years of constant use.

I am clearly very excited about the new month, as seen by my incessant rambling above.  It cannot be helped when there is so much to be excited about!

1. Breaking out my heavier clothes and coats.  I have not worn very many autumnal articles of clothing this past month--in fact, my spring trench coats are still hanging in the entryway of my flat.  It has been a freakishly warm September, to the point where the trees still have mostly green leaves. I am not OK with this!

2. In keeping with item 1, I am excited for the leaves to fully turn colors!  In a way, I am also secretly glad that the leaves are a bit late this year, because the last weeks of September were way too busy to take the proper walks I would have liked to take.

3. Getting some cool projects underway on the blog! I have some great ideas, some of which I got a head start on now. I was considering attempting Blogtober (where I post every single day for the month of October, natch!), but I am afraid of over-promising and under-delivering on that one.  Although I have so far managed to blog every day so far, ha!

4. Candles.  All of the candles.  I love when it is dark outside with lots of warm, cozy candles burning inside.  Especially if I have some in delicious fall scents like vanilla, chocolate, or anything spicy. 

5. My birthday party!!   I am throwing a Halloween-themed birthday party with the help of some friends who have a much bigger apartment than I do. I cannot wait to get my friends together for a night of fun and silly costumes.  Even better--one of my best friends is coming to visit from Eastern Norway, and I cannot wait to see him!!  It is going to be an all around great weekend, and I am very excited.

I am even more excited just typing these things out!

What are you looking forward to in October?


  1. I know you're talking about me! I can't wait to see you toooo! Been way to long!

  2. Love this! I'm super happy it's October too, although where I live it's pretty warm so it doesn't feel like it!

    1. It is a happy month for us fall lovers :P Oh no! I know the feeling, though--it has been unseasonably warm here, too. It definitely feels more like September if that makes sense lol

  3. I have always wanted to throw a Halloween-themed birthday party, but mine is in July. I hope you have a wonderful party!

    1. Hey, you could always do Halloween in July! hehe :P Thanks so much for the well wishes, and the sweet comment!
      <3 Natassja

  4. Super post. samo tako nastavi ;)



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