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Hello and Happy Monday!! It has been a minute since I last checked in here.  Last week, I mentioned that I had a small procedure performed to remove some moles on my neck.  I didn't think it would have much of an impact on my daily routine, so I didn't schedule any pre-made blog content in case I'd end up not feeling up for taking photos, etc during the rest of the week.  That assumption turned out to be quite wrong, as I spent the entire week feeling pretty blah and downright gross due to the stitches and bandages on my neck.  This feeling, in turn, sapped me of all creative forces.  Fun times! (Not).

To perk myself up a bit for the weekend, I went on Friday and had my nails fixed.  I decided to try something different from my usual dark colors or neutrals and went for a bright red.  I am loving the result--it definitely cheered me up!

I go to the Nail Room here in Stavanger*, and can't recommend them enough! I prefer to keep my real nails, and don't like them to be too long, so I get a regular manicure with gel polish.  It lasts about 2-3 weeks before I start to get annoyed at the little gap between my nail bed and the color as my nails grow out.  I could do (and have done) my own manicure at home, but I vastly prefer the result I get at the salon.  Plus, it is also nice to get my nails done this way and then not have to worry about it again until next time. I'm just lazy like that, I guess.

*Not sponsored or an adlink, I just really like the work they do and highly recommend them!

In other news, I have been learning so much about photography with the "new" (it is a used Canon that I got for a scandalously low price) camera I recently got.  It is fun to try out new techniques, but I feel like I am having to re-learn everything I thought I knew about photography and photo editing. I have taken so many photos in the past week, but have only felt comfortable using the ones in this post because most of them have turned out...well...ugly. And even these I am not 100% happy with.  I am hoping that I will quickly master this learning curve!  Practice makes perfect, I suppose?

At least now it is a new week, and I am stitch-free.  So here's hoping that things can only go up from here!

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