Monday Motivation -- On a Tuesday

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I felt the need to change up my greeting on this post--I say some variant of "Hello and..." every day, and that gets a bit boring.  But at the same time, the post feels naked with no greeting. So here we are.  Fun fact: this is also how I greet my friends in real life. (You guys know who you are--I bet you even read that "hola" in my voice, too, huh?).

Anyways!  I am coming at you with some Monday Motivation on a Tuesday.  I could have posted on a Monday (so yesterday), but after a week of no posts, it seemed a bit boring to have two of the same posts in a row.  So here we are!

As I mentioned yesterday, it has been kind of a weird week.  This is largely due to my little recovery period from my procedure.  But it also has to do with life in general.  It has also rained pretty much non stop, so there is that as well.  I am not normally the type to long for warmer/sunnier weather, but today I really found myself dreaming about palm trees and clear skies. 

Maybe it is the weather, but I am feeling a bit blah on this weekly column.  I am wondering if it is something I just don't want to keep up, or if my lack of enthusiasm is a sign that I am not doing enough to work towards my personal goals.  I am leaning towards the second one.  And we all know what that means: time to get back on track academically, physically, spiritually, and all the other "ly's." 

Wish me luck!  Here's to hoping next week's column is a bit more motivational. 

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