Monday Motivation -- Week 40

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Hello!  It is Monday again.  Yes, for real. I feel like this autumn is going by so fast--almost as much as I feel like I need to find something to blog about that isn't how fast I think time is going by.  At any rate, now it is a new week, and a new month! How about that? 

I have to be honest and say that it hasn't been the most productive of Mondays on my end.  I am still feeling completely deflated and de-energized after the craziness of last week, so today the entirety of my body felt the need to remain more or less stationary, save for a trip to the doctor's office this afternoon.  My reclusiveness was for the best, I think--I don't know why, but my skin has been completely freaked out for the last few days.  One minute, it is dry and flakey, another it is shiny and my pores look like the craters on the moon.  So, a makeup-free day filled with face masks and lots of hydration was just what the doctor ordered! (Although, the actual doctor I went to go see had no opinion on the quality of my skin, so this time it was more of the proverbial doctor rather than the actual one).

Now that it is a new month, I am feeling super inspired to push the reset button on pretty much everything--not just physically, but mentally as well.  Therefore, this week I am focusing on the following projects to get myself feeling both productively and creatively motivated:

1. Catching up on missed schoolwork due to working too much last week.
2. Tackling long-ignored items on my to-do list at home.
3. Getting a proper start on a blog project that I have been aching to get into for months.

Just writing these things down makes me feel super excited and motivated, so that is a good sign already!

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