Monday Motivation - Week 42

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Hello and Happy Monday!!

It is a bit of a slow Monday around these parts, as I had a procedure this morning to remove a few moles from my neck.  It is not a particularly invasive procedure, but for some reason, I have been super tired ever since I got home. I am not sure if this is due to the numbing agent, or just the comedown from all the adrenaline running through my body prior.  The one mole was on the middle of my neck, and I kept having visuals of the doctor somehow accidentally cutting too deep and nicking a main artery, causing me to bleed out right there on his table.  Dramatic, I know, but that is where my head winds up sometimes.  (Everything went fine, for the record: now I just get to walk around with a bit of a Franken-neck until the stitches come out).

Anyhow! My mole procedure is probably the least interesting thing I could possibly write about, so I am going to drop that subject for now.   This week, however, in general, is a bit of a slow one, as it is Autumn Holiday at school.  Although on my end, it is a week for getting things done more than it is a holiday: I have a project to work on, finance problems to master, and other fun tasks.  I have to say I like having a bit of a break to catch up.  Sometimes it is exactly what is needed to get back on track, especially for me who has been so stressed and tired the last few weeks.

The most exciting thing happening this week, however, is connected to a few investments I have made into this blog recently.  More specifically: I have invested in a used DSLR camera and a tripod.  Which hopefully will mean a huge upgrade in the quality of images presented here on the blog.  I am also seriously considering a migration to WordPress in the not so distant future.  My hope is to continue developing the quality of my content, while also giving this space ample room to grow.  And I have to say--I am pretty dang excited for what the future might hold!

On that note, I am off to get a few things done and hopefully cross them off my to-do list.

Have a great Monday!

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