A Zen Start to the Week / Life Update

Hello and Happy Monday!

It has truly been a hot minute since the last time I popped by this space.  Unfortunately, I have a full course load at school this semester, which has resulted in my now needing to prepare for a grand total of six exams.  Yes, six. I do not know why I do this to myself, other than the fact that I must be some kind of academic masochist.  With all that said, my absence from this blog has sadly been intentional.  With all of my school commitments and deadlines approaching full force, pretty much everything else has needed to fall by the wayside so I can get through the next month or so.  And I mean, literally everything else: the blog, dating (but let's get real, I haven't been that interested in doing much of that anyway, ha!), and I even quit my part-time job to accommodate my rigorous exam schedule.  So yeah. That's been fun.

I decided to pop back in today because, well, I really miss being creative. A big part of having to take a step back is the fact that once I get on a blogging roll, I tend to get into a zone.  Once in the zone, I get so focused that I forget to eat.  Which, if you know me, that is a pretty big deal because I am pretty much always hungry.  Real talk.  If I forget to eat, I will definitely forget to study.  Therefore, any potential threat to my study time had to be temporarily eliminated, as boring for both myself and for the blog as that may be.

Today, however, I was extremely productive, so I thought hey--why not take the time to write a blog post? I think my productivity was helped by the fact that I started my day with a walk around Mosvannet, a lake just a short walk from my house.  It has been raining, windy, and disgusting in Stavanger the last few weeks.  So when I woke up to relatively nice weather this morning, I couldn't wait to go outside.  I decided to take my morning coffee with me on the walk so I could wake up and get some exercise at the same time.  Let me just say: it was an unparalleled zen experience. 10/10 will do again.  In fact, I actually don't know why this hasn't already been a part of my routine this whole time! (Well, I kind of do: rain, and laziness. ha!).

Whenever I walk to Mosvannet, I always stop at the same cluster of rocks to take in the view (which is featured in the first photo in this post!).  I do not know when or why I started doing this, but it has become something of a tradition, particularly if it isn't raining.  Today, I perched on this rock for about twenty minutes, raising my thermos in a toast to a duck couple enjoying a morning swim before continuing on my way.

While the walk provided a very relaxing and healthy start to the week, the rest of the day has been pretty routine--I reviewed some notes for my last lecture in Strategy, and began a practice exam for my Accounting test at the end of the month.   As dull as that sounds, I am well on my way to crushing my academic goals for the end of this year, which to me is quite exciting! Let's hope the trend continues!

Hope you have had a wonderful Monday and have a super start to the week! I will be back here again as soon as these exams allow!

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