Hi, I'm Natassja! 

I am an American of Norwegian, Slovakian, and Lithuanian descent living in Norway.  In 2011,  I packed up my whole life in the Pacific Northwest and moved halfway around the world.  Throughout this journey, I've managed to find myself and my own sense of style, both sartorially and philosophically.

I started blogging intermittently in the fall of 2015 to provide an outlet for my creative juices, as well as to begin documenting my life as an American in Norway.  However, it was not until March of 2017 that I officially launched Natofthenorth.com.

As I take my day-to-day life as an economics student quite seriously, I like to reserve space on this blog for the superficial places my mind wanders to the most: fashion, interior, travel, and other sources of inspiration.  (In fact, I take these topics just as seriously as those of macro and micro economics!).

My style can be described as: West Coast Cool meets Scandinavian Sleek.  Or, alternatively: Rock Star's Girlfriend Gets an Office Job.  I firmly believe in mixing favorite pieces, looking expensive rather than actually being expense, and that fleeting trends are not the end-all be-all of high style (but throw on a trendy piece or two if you really love them!).  

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I believe that a woman can be serious about both her career and intellectual pursuits while also wanting to feel her best, look her best, and live her best life. My hope for Natofthenorth.com is to merge my nerdy tendencies with the superficial ones, all while having fun doing it! 

I hold a bachelor's degree in Communications with a minor in Political Science and an M.Sc. in Change Management.  I am currently pursuing further education in Economics.

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